Yeap. I was thinking about what should I do next with my hair… The thing is being blonde is really harsh on your hair. It got really damaged and weak, so I was thinking about cutting it short again (something like this or this), to get rid of all split ends and overall bad looking locks. However, that in between phase annoys me to death.

And then, suddenly, an e-mail from MANGO drops into my inbox to tease me about their new Premium line for Spring’15. I loved the model’s haircut right away. It’s just perfect and has everything to do with my mood. 😀

All images via

The Lookbook is gorgeous – inspired by the 70’s (as many other collections now in stores) but with a minimalistic approach I love.

And who’s she? She’s Alba Galocha – a spanish model and blogger I’ve just fell in love with (perhaps because of her androgyny I’am still so very fond of). Feel free to check her blog here.

As for the amazing Lookbook, I’m gonna try to find who’s the photography and styling by, cause I just loved it! 🙂 You can check all the pictures (and shop) on MANGO’s website.

As for me, I’m going to wait for the morning so I can make an appointment at my hairdresser and take care of this ASAP! 😉


I’ve heard about Polyvore a long time ago. I figured it would be one more place where my time would get lost again and again as soon as I subscribed. I’ve even been invited by ModCloth (a vintage inspired online store – super cute!) to enter some contest through the site, but I got so swamped with work at the time I couldn’t make it. So, I’ve postponed that relationship up until very recently. Up until it suddenly became – who knew?! – a work tool! 😀 How funny (and convenient) is that , ah? 😉

This set was a proposal for an exercise at the Image Consulting course I’m taking where we’d have to incorporate some ‘no-way’ options to an assigned colleague (for starters, before we get to the ‘real’ people). Raquel is a cute and ambitious 24 years old girl. She’s a fan of things more romantic and girly. However, she doesn’t like black & white combinations, or red & black for that matter, so I decided to address both issues at the same time and came up with this:


//  VINCE Shirt, ACNE Skirt, MAJE Coat, SAINT LAURENT Clutch, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Shoes, TORY BURCH Rings, ELIZABETH AND JAMES Bracelet, MARC by MARC JACOBS Earrings, YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick  (All links available via Polyvore)

The whole outfit intends to be (and is) very feminine, with the silk blouse, girly full skirt (that I love) and T-strap (gorgeous) pumps – why burgundy? Because it is a rich but discreet off-shade of red (and because things are much more interesting when they’re not too matchy-matchy). The hearts add the romantic yet fun touch, as the minimalistic golden jewelry stands for sophistication along with the timeless and fabulous red lipstick. The final touch comes with the grey coat – this one my personal touch (and reproved by Raquel, though I still stand by my choice!) – in a more androgynous silhouette, to wear over the shoulders, and tune down the lady wow-ness, yet tune up the general coolness and that unexpected flair I adore. Hope you liked it. 🙂

Feel free to check all my set here.
Enjoy your sunday night and have yourself a very nice week! 🙂

When I was a kid the one color I hated the most (besides lilac, I still hate lilac) was gray. I thought it was boring, uninteresting, sad, depressing even – not that I knew or cared one bit about what depression was or meant… It was way cooler to play football with the boys, hang from the trees and then come home and stitch some fabric together into something I’d call ‘dresses for my Barbies’…

Anyway, back then, gray was not an option. My favorite colors were blue, green, red and, later, orange. I didn’t fancy yellow because my dad said it made me look sick (and my sister was completely obsessed with it); and oddly enough, pink never really found its way to my heart.

Nowadays, gray stands as one of my favorite colors (along with white, black and green) and I like it in pretty much everything (except as a concept for uncertainty): most of my bedroom is gray (sheets and walls and all), the wallpaper for my office (waiting for me to have time to put it up) is gray, most of my jumpers are gray, my favorite Converse (after the white) I’ve had since high school are gray, one of my favorite colors for nail polish is gray, my favorite metal is silver, etc.

As a matter of fact, Gray stands for quite different meanings in Color Psychology (and apparently every source on Google says a different thing and unfortunately I don’t have my book here to confirm). I like to focus on the positive side – the timelessness, the strength and intellect, the class, the “calm, understated confidence” (read more here).

Style wise, gray combination always come across with a soft sophistication, a certain casual but elegant ease. Or perhaps that’s just me…I love it. So, here’s some inspiration in case you’re also a fan or at least interested. 😉


All images via Pinterest (like usual…)

A couple of weeks ago I started an Image Consulting course. It was something I wanted to do for awhile and it came right when I needed a shift in the course of my life. Needless to say I am loving it and can easily picture myself doing so for a living for long years to come (along with other things because one thing is never enough for me).

In one of the first classes, we talked about the History of Fashion in the 20th century (one of my favorite subjects of all time…) and Dora – our lovely trainer – showed us this really awesome short film I now want to share with you.

A lot of people find Fashion a futile subject. I always get a little angry with this perspective. How come Fashion as an hobby is worse than Football, for instance?? Tell me. Because at least Fashion translates our times, Fashion works as a mean of expression, even if unconsciously. Our sartorial choices say something about us, about our time, about our lives. People dress in a certain way for a reason, style is a part of us, and it’s a language – a non-verbal language but it speaks way before we do. Like Coco Chanel says Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening“, because like any other design specialty, Fashion Design also follows function and that ends up being intertwined with the different eras and changes our society and culture go through throughout the years.

We’ll get back to this later, because I want people to understand why Fashion isn’t just about expensive bags and shoes and clothes we’ll never wear. For now, you can watch the clip and tell me if it isn’t just so cool! 😉

A fews weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me for some help choosing something to wear at a friend’s wedding, happening this January. In general I’m quite the helpful type, but in these matters I just get really hysterical. 😀 Since it’s cold in January (at least in the North hemisphere it is…) she proposed a jumpsuit over the usual dress to survive the event. I agreed and loved the idea, and so gave her a helping hand by putting together three complete looks (on a small budget).






Now, I wasn’t always a fan of jumpsuits… Some things take a long time to get under my skin, but now I can say I am completely sold (exhibit A & exhibit B), as I believe it is one of the chic-est choices one could make. Of course there’s always the downside of when nature calls, but still, I believe the jumpsuit is more and more an elegant, smart and stylish choice to replace the dress.

That and the clear clutch – I repeated on all three on purpose – that has become for me a staple and an absolute favorite (still) since it really does give any look that edgy and fun twist. Plus, it goes with absolutely e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Hope you liked these and perhaps they help you too. For the record, my favorite look is #3 – I would wear entirely without hesitation, and not just for a wedding. 🙂

Thank You, Inês, for the challenge and inspiration! Always glad to help. 😉

PS1: Obviously these ask for an over coat when outside… I’d go with a wrapping oversized coat (like the one in here) or a (faux) fur… to make it look chic, but a little bohemian, yet cozy and comfortable.

PS2: I made these a few weeks ago, so most things will probably be on sale right now. 😉