Much like every other woman, I like big handbags and I cannot lie. I also feel like the content of such big part of a girl’s life may say a lot about her (ask any guy and he’ll at least tell you for sure how a woman’s bag usually translates to him: confusion).

Anyway, like I said before (this is an update to this post), there’s a little voyeur in everyone of us – I pledged myself guilty as charged! Due to this shameful tendency, I always find it curious to peak into other people’s houses, bedrooms, closets, make-up bags and yes, you guessed it, handbags. (Craaaazyyy!!)

Call this giving back if you will, but I believe in transparency (and even if the tone of this whole post is in mockery here I’m being very honest), and so, here’s my portable treasure and survival kit wide open for you to see!

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SmellsLikeTeenSpirit// Flannel checkered shirt borrowed from my sister; ZARA denim shirt, vest (both from past collections) and top (FW 13/14); STRADIVARIUS shorts (old).

Please forgive the poor quality of the picture, but I forgot my good camera at home and since I haven’t put a flannel shirt on in about 15 years I had to register this moment.
I am not a fan of flannel – not even in sheets. Yes, it’s cozy alright. But to wear it out in the streets, always feels to me like, well, sloppy. And yet, flannel shirts are quite trendy this season, for both men and women, so if you are a fan and you haven’t already got yourself covered, PRIMARK has a few nice options at their always friendly prices.
Don’t get me wrong, I like grunge, I like checkered shirts, I love Nirvana and I even had a small crush on Kurt Cobain growing up (like many of you, for sure) – BUT – my passion for grunge usually stays within my playlists and inspirational mood boards. I’m afraid me playing Courtney Love would be a massive disaster, plus my tastes are a bit more refined even if I pretend they’re not, apparently – I’ve had a pair of fishnets on my drawer to try for months and they are still in the package… and every time I think about making a massive smokey eye I end up sticking up with my usual chic eye liner. The truth is that it’s stronger than me and I can’t help it (or maybe I am just a chicken, unable to get out of my comfort zone?).
Anyway… this weekend, that I shamelessly spent by the fireplace, with my laptop, my cat and my favorite mug by my side, after finally finding the will to get off of my Pj’s, I picked up this shirt my sister had lying around and decided to go back to when I was 12 and couldn’t care less if I looked like a piece of trash or the school handyman – oh the days of sartorial freedom (days that in fact probably explain a bit why I only got my first boyfriend when I was close to turn 20)!… Of course I tried not to impersonate that figure again, and in the end, pairing both shirts – checkered flannel and washed out denim – over a feminine silk top and my favorite leather shorts, I believe turned out to look pretty good, actually. My mother didn’t like it, of course – even less with the furry vest on, but damn!, it was cold outside! But to be fair, my mum is only happy if I dress like Grace Kelly even to pick up groceries…
So, yeah… hello 90’s, hello flannel, hello grungy Tatiana! See you all sometime soon, perhaps in another lazy winter Sunday to come!