Yeap. I was thinking about what should I do next with my hair… The thing is being blonde is really harsh on your hair. It got really damaged and weak, so I was thinking about cutting it short again (something like this or this), to get rid of all split ends and overall bad looking locks. However, that in between phase annoys me to death.

And then, suddenly, an e-mail from MANGO drops into my inbox to tease me about their new Premium line for Spring’15. I loved the model’s haircut right away. It’s just perfect and has everything to do with my mood. 😀

All images via

The Lookbook is gorgeous – inspired by the 70’s (as many other collections now in stores) but with a minimalistic approach I love.

And who’s she? She’s Alba Galocha – a spanish model and blogger I’ve just fell in love with (perhaps because of her androgyny I’am still so very fond of). Feel free to check her blog here.

As for the amazing Lookbook, I’m gonna try to find who’s the photography and styling by, cause I just loved it! 🙂 You can check all the pictures (and shop) on MANGO’s website.

As for me, I’m going to wait for the morning so I can make an appointment at my hairdresser and take care of this ASAP! 😉


I am still very keen on my ‘no shopping’ resolution for 2014. Of course it helps being away from malls, quick deliveries, my credit card, etc etc. Also, in a very wise and clear moment of self awareness, I decided to unsubscribe to the gazillion newsletters from all the online shops I could recall, because temptation knocking at your door every day can be quite disturbing, and as humans we usually end up failing to resist. However, every now then, via Facebook, a thing or two comes up to haunt me and dazzle me at the same time… Most recent case? H&M’s Spring 2014 Lookbook

hey_there_temptationPh. via Vogue PT.

Damn you, H&M! Those first 3 looks… No – that second look is so f#$%in’ perfect I’m drooling all over it (a mix of slobber and tears, probably)! Anyway, for you all lucky birds who can allow yourselves to get your hands on these, I have the pleasure to inform you they’ll be available in stores on March 6th.

You can see the entire lookbook here.


LowBlack// STRADIVARIUS boots.

Meet my new boots (you’ve already seen me wearing here): flat, leather and black – just what I needed – and I love them. So much I thought they deserved their own post. 😛
I don’t know about you but I suffer from chronic lateness. Apparently for me it is pathologically impossible to be on time wherever it is. Even if I make the effort – and I do – something always comes up and ruins my good intentions. Therefore, as you can imagine, I am usually running like a crazy person everywhere, and even though I am really close to master the art of running in heels (in cobblestones even!), I still feel like I am putting my life in danger by doing so. If not my life, at least one leg (or two)… That being said, I felt it was time to find something to properly suit my needs: can’t go to work with ballerinas and loafers because my feet get cold; can’t go in sneakers because 1) I refuse to do so, and 2) because the only sneakers I wear are canvas – Converse All Star – and those are not that warm either; can’t go with stilettos because, well, I walk my way to work for about 15 minutes every morning (a journey repeated again at lunch time and by the end of the day) and I might even have a bunch of shoes to ruin but I only have one pair of feet. So that leaves me with boots… that I’ve been wearing pretty much every day. It only happens that all my booties are heeled. The only flat pair I own is this old one (well, and wellies). So I decided to get myself a pair of low boots. A nice, basic, in soft leather pair so they are comfortable and stick around. Plus, now these are quite fashionable (remember this?), so it’s a win-win situation! It seems like finally the fashion world decided to embrace flats as a go to choice, wether it is in sneakers (one should give preference to New Balance, apparently), loafers, slippers, brogues, low boots (the Balenciaga cut out boots give you extra points) or the timeless ballerinas.


WantedLook-01Ph. via Pinterest.

I finally found the perfect hairstyle for the current state my hair’s at – this Leigh Lezark BLONDE BOB I absolutely adore (not only the cut but also the color… will I have to guts to pull off blonde locks?) – here’s another picture in case you want to take a better look (at the shape).
I’ve been also getting a little bit obsessed about dark, VAMPY/GOTH LIPS. I already ordered my try-out. Let’s see how it looks on me… When I wear lipstick I usually stick to the classics: different shades of red, various pink hues and a coral shade every now and then. This for me is quite rad, but it looks so cool as well as sophisticated and mysterious that I just couldn’t pass.
Finally, in order to deal with the colder days ahead, I plan on investing in big and heavy CHUNKY KNITS to keep me warm, that I’ll pair with more feminine garments – like pencil skirts, skinny jeans and heels – and GOLD JEWELRY – to keep it cozy but still stylish and chic…

And you, what are your current obsessions? 🙂

So, on Saturday I have a wedding to attend to. I was supposed to wear a red dress I got a while back, but then my sister bought herself a red dress too, pretty much the same hue and I didn’t feel like going all matchy-matchy with her, so I started looking for alternatives… When it comes to shopping for wedding attire I hate to waste money on a dress I am only going to wear once, so I thought maybe ditching the dress and go for the 2 pieces suit wouldn’t be a bad idea, since I could coordinate both pieces as separates easily afterwards in plenty of ways. ‘Yeah, that’s a good idea!’, so I thought. However, it still had to be wedding appropriate, and I didn’t want to look like one of the men, so of course no black, no grey, no navy… and then I found this one:

Ora bem, então sábado tenho um casamento. Inicialmente tinha pensado em levar um vestido vermelho que comprei nuns saldos há uns tempos mas ainda não usei, mas entretanto a minha irmã decidiu comprar um vestido vermelho também, praticamente no mesmo tom, e uma vez que não me apetecia muito ir a fazer ‘pandam’ com ela decidi procurar alternativas. Contudo, comprar roupa para um casamento para usar só uma vez para mim é deitar dinheiro fora, por isso pensei que talvez não fosse má ideia fugir ao tradicional vestido e optar antes por um fato – calça e blazer – que facilmente pode ser coordenado posteriormente com outras peças para outros fins. Claro, que primordialmente trata-se de um casamento, portanto a coisa tinha de ser apropriada, feminina (não seria bom ser confundida com os homens)… Então encontrei este:

2753236620_9_1_1Ph. via

I thought: ‘It’s cute, it’s feminine, it’s pink so I’d be rocking this trend… and paired with a nice pair of nude pumps and a beautiful silk white top I’d be all put together, looking nice and confy’. Well, turns out that it is indeed a cute ensemble all right, but this lady here can’t wear so much pink all at once. It’s not in my DNA, it doesn’t feel right. I tried it on and all I saw looking back at me in the mirror was a gigantic human sized cotton candy. No can do. It’s pretty, fits very nicely but it’s not for me, definitely. I can do one piece… two is just way too much.

Anyway, instead, guess what did I brought home with me from this set?

Pensei eu: ‘ É bem catita – é feminino, fofinho, já me permitia entrar nesta tendência da próxima estação… e isto conjugado com um par de pumps nude e uma blusa branca de seda (mais uns acessórios) era capaz de ficar bem nice…’. Pois, isto em teoria era tudo muito bonito até eu experimentar o dito cujo e me assustar com o reflexo no espelho: ‘Ahhhh!!! Transformei-me num algodão doce gigante!’. Nahhh… é bonito, assenta bem, mas é demasiado cor-de-rosa para mim, não vai dar, não me está no sangue. Uma peça tudo bem, duas já é esmagamento.

Enfim… felizmente há sempre alternativas, por isso adivinhem lá o que é daqui veio para casa para me fazer o jeito?

I am not a big fan of pink I must confess. However, it looks like this fall is going to be a sweet sweet season with plenty of candy colors but with a special focus on pink. That being said, and even though I am not into all hues of pink – forgive me Barbie! – I do like these powder pink soft ones, so here’s a selection of some things I wouldn’t mind trying on to make that trend work for me:

Para ser muito sincera, eu não sou muito fã de cor-de-rosa. No entanto, parece que este Outono vai estar recheado de cores ‘gulosas’, particularmente da mais feminina das cores. Ora tendo isto em conta, e apesar de não gostar, de longe, de todos os tons de cor-de-rosa (desculpa Barbie!), os mais suaves agradam-me ao ponto de fazer uma pequena selecção de umas quantas coisas que não me importaria de adoptar para fazer chegar a dita cuja tendência ao meu armário. Ora vejamos:


1. ZARA Coat, 69,95€ (this one is also nice / este também é giro…)
3. TOPSHOP Jumper, 38€
4. MSGM Top, 251€
5. NO. 21 Trousers, 480€
6. MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Overtime
7. DOLCE & GABBANA Sunglasses, ± 265€
8. RED VALENTINO Dress, 415€
9. ZARA Shoes, 25,95€
10. VALENTINO Dress, 2.390€
11. ESSIE Nail Polish in Muchi, Muchi, 8,95€
12. JOSEPH Oxford Shirt, 198€
13. BOTTEGA VENETA Wallet, 420€


PS: On PRIMARK’s FW lookbook there are also a few cute pieces in pink, feel free to check it here.

PS: O lookbook de Outono da PRIMARK também apresenta algumas peças fofinhas em cor-de rosa, como já vos mostrei aqui.