Yeap. I was thinking about what should I do next with my hair… The thing is being blonde is really harsh on your hair. It got really damaged and weak, so I was thinking about cutting it short again (something like this or this), to get rid of all split ends and overall bad looking locks. However, that in between phase annoys me to death.

And then, suddenly, an e-mail from MANGO drops into my inbox to tease me about their new Premium line for Spring’15. I loved the model’s haircut right away. It’s just perfect and has everything to do with my mood. 😀

All images via

The Lookbook is gorgeous – inspired by the 70’s (as many other collections now in stores) but with a minimalistic approach I love.

And who’s she? She’s Alba Galocha – a spanish model and blogger I’ve just fell in love with (perhaps because of her androgyny I’am still so very fond of). Feel free to check her blog here.

As for the amazing Lookbook, I’m gonna try to find who’s the photography and styling by, cause I just loved it! 🙂 You can check all the pictures (and shop) on MANGO’s website.

As for me, I’m going to wait for the morning so I can make an appointment at my hairdresser and take care of this ASAP! 😉



The new ZARA’s lookbook stroke me like a lightning bolt. It is just everything (ok, not everything but most) I love and crave when I open the doors of my closet and need to get dressed in the morning. The colors, materials, shapes, they all line up to the current Normcore trend that I am so fond of. I like the androgyny, the simplicity, the ease. The more time passes the more I realize I have less and less patience to dress for other people – the few times I did so I regret it – especially for men. What’s the point, anyway? Like Betsey Jonhson once said “Girls don’t dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course each other. If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times”.

The problem in dressing for other people is that we loose focus on ourselves, I think. Of course in dressing for ourselves I don’t mean every woman should dress like a tomboy – not at all – nor disappear into the crowd by only making safe choices and actively strive for not being noticed. Not even close. After all, not a lot of women are born or built tomboys and probably never will be (and that’s alright). I, on the other hand, am, always been a little. And that’s why this aesthetics pleases me so. I like the gender bender attempt. I don’t like to be the princess, I’d rather man up and take charge of things (which doesn’t always work). However, I can – and like – to be feminine too, at times: with my sequins, furs, full skirts, chiffons, but never pushing it too far. To be honest, I find the basic sexy look most girls pull off boring, predictable and diminishing for themselves and women in general. Unfortunately, ‘femininity’ in its pure popular form (high heels, figure hugging silhouettes, short lengths, cleavages, etc) is still quite uncomfortable for any woman (don’t try to convince me otherwise) and even trapping, if you ask me. I find it sad that in order to look good in the eyes of men (and compete with other women), women feel the need to look like ‘this’ or ‘that’ so they can be perceived as hot.

I once dated a guy who used to say the amount of a certain ‘product’ in a room determines its value. This could sound quite nicely (and at the time it did because I wrongly felt it as a compliment), wasn’t the mindset already wrong from the very beginning: women are no product and shouldn’t allow themselves to be seen as such. Never. And I pledge myself guilty cause I’ve been sometimes that short minded. I can’t however, anymore. For me and for every other women. Because we’re more than that.

Anyway, I could be here all day long, and put in some #HeForShe and #SheForShe stuff, but I don’t feel like it, cause I’ve been a feminist from a very early age, even without realizing it, fighting my father as soon as I had the courage to do so. This whole subject is not only very old news for me but it also bugs me to even be a subject, as far as we’ve come. I’ve always defended that if women were given the same chances, opportunities, conditions and, above all, support from one another, we would rule the world (or at least make it a much better place). So feel free to dress as you want, talk as you want, think as you want, do what you want, as long as you do it for yourself and for yourself only.

Last week I decided to start exercising again. I managed to run about 15 minutes – YAY!! – something (I am sorry y’all my fit and athletic peers) I considered a great victory after 3 / 4 months beyond sedentary (and smoking like a stupid chimney). For a moment there I thought I would colapse and throw myself at the bay to put me out of my misery, but I survived. And since I survived I now want more – you know, those freakin’ endorphins can get one quite hooked! So, besides playing 3rd wheel for said runs along with one of my work mates and her prince, I also signed up for kizomba and semba classes. These were supposed to start yesterday, but the power on the building was off and the generator wasn’t working or something – something veeery usual here… – so, after climbing 11 floors of stairs (there was no elevator), I realized all my enthusiasm and effort was worthless (I confess the though of throwing myself down the godamn terrace crossed my mind)… But well, let’s hope things work better on wednesday.

Anyway, the point is, I am now focused again on gymwear. Andy from Style Scrapbook always show of some nice coordinates (and tutorials… I really have to work on my abs), but then I stumbled upon OYSHO’s new gymwear lookbook, and I mean… c’mon! These guys really know how to get a girl craving stuff to look heinous in (although my boyfriend – yes, I found one of those in the meantime, but more on that later – says that men appreciate women’s natural beauty – even if sweaty, smelly and disheveled – much more than the diva look… I kinda find this hard to believe but let him be cute anyway).

So yeah, since I am already having second thoughts on my no shopping policy for 2014 (Good Lord, I am so tired of all the freakin’ stuff 50 kg allowed me to bring!…), as Freddie Mercury so well sang “I want it all, and I want it now”.


Awww, those sheer panels and prints… More here.

I am still very keen on my ‘no shopping’ resolution for 2014. Of course it helps being away from malls, quick deliveries, my credit card, etc etc. Also, in a very wise and clear moment of self awareness, I decided to unsubscribe to the gazillion newsletters from all the online shops I could recall, because temptation knocking at your door every day can be quite disturbing, and as humans we usually end up failing to resist. However, every now then, via Facebook, a thing or two comes up to haunt me and dazzle me at the same time… Most recent case? H&M’s Spring 2014 Lookbook

hey_there_temptationPh. via Vogue PT.

Damn you, H&M! Those first 3 looks… No – that second look is so f#$%in’ perfect I’m drooling all over it (a mix of slobber and tears, probably)! Anyway, for you all lucky birds who can allow yourselves to get your hands on these, I have the pleasure to inform you they’ll be available in stores on March 6th.

You can see the entire lookbook here.


The new ZARA campaign has been causing quite a fuss in the past few days, but I had only seen a few pictures. Loved it right away. I think it’s absolutely beautiful, the styling is perfect, the photography is gorgeous, everything is working impeccably – and this is extended to every department. I am really marveled and already mentioned it before, but ZARA is definitely getting better in every aspect, clearly standing out among her fellow high street sisters. They are in for world ‘domination’, and they are close to getting it! It’s not by coincidence Amancio Ortega’s empire grew over 30% since the beginning of 2012. Overall quality is very seductive, specially with a friendly price tag.

Bellow are my favorites. You can check them all and the (awesome) videos for each department on the brand’s site (note: the men’s video is pe-pe-perfect!). And now, if you haven’t already, behold:

A nova campanha da ZARA tem causado muito burburinho nos últimos dias. Só tinha visto meia dúzia de imagens, mas pelo que vi adorei – a fotografia está perfeita, o styling óptimo, as peças são giríssimas e tudo se conjuga na absoluta perfeição – para todos os departamentos – parecendo tudo menos uma campanha de uma marca high street. Não me canso de dizer que a ZARA está cada vez melhor e se vai destacando a passos largos das suas concorrentes directas. Cá para mim, esta malta está cada vez mais perto de ‘dominar’ o mundo e não é por acaso que o império do Sr. Ortega cresceu mais de 30% desde o início de 2012. A qualidade seduz, e muito, especialmente a bom preço!

Abaixo mostro-vos as minhas imagens preferidas, mas podem conferir tudo + os respectivos vídeos (que estão fabulosos, especialmente o de Homem!) no site da marca. E agora, se ainda não o fizeram, babem:

– MEN –
[More information here]

MN01 MN02 MN03 MN05 MN08 MN10 MN11 MN12


– TRF –

TF01 TF02 TF06 TF11


[More information here]

WM01-1 WM01-2 WM02-1 WM03-3Ph. via

I am in love with all the jackets and coats…

It’s in the human nature to crave newness, and since I know myself, I’ve been trying to ignore the new collections already in store, strategically avoiding newsletters and ‘New Collection‘ corners every time I enter the MANGO’s and ZARA’s of our lives to check what bargains can I get on sale. However, though summer just arrived, Fall is my absolute favorite season fashion-wise (you see, summer may be cool and all, but there isn’t that much to play with; fall on the other hand, in that sense is much more fun). Therefore, you can imagine my anxiety attack when 1) the new LA REDOUTE catalog came in the mail yesterday; 2) I came across these pictures this morning… Let’s see:


// Just for starters: jacket, pants, shoes and necklace – Move to cart!


// Love everything: the sequins jumper came in through my eyes and immediately won my heart, the sandals are very sexy and I really want a pair of leather pants – I hope these don’t disappoint me by fitting terribly and looking awfully like plastic.


// Cute top, dazzling necklace and classic shoes (same as in the first picture) – nice!


// Love everything but the peep toe booties (I’m still not convinced by this kind of shoes).


// Jacket and boots, please!


// I don’t like the styling here – too masculine, but I do like both the jacket and the pants – I just wouldn’t wear them together.


// This jacket is super adorable!!


// Hello golden jumper and booties!


// The necklace again, though I am afraid it won’t look so cool in ‘real life’, since I usually don’t fancy PRIMARK’s jewelry much…

Lookbook_Primark_FW13-14_10 Lookbook_Primark_FW13-14_11 Lookbook_Primark_FW13-14_12// These booties/sandals here had me wondering…

So, these are my favorites. As far as I know they’ll be all store in July and August. Now, the thing is that, to shop at PRIMARK demands patience and a bit of luck. I managed to bring home some happy purchases from there in the past [like this jacket, these sandals, these loafers and even this bag – now very close to its death); other not so much (from the top of my head, my complains lie in a certain pair of track shorts that ripped appart when worn for the second time – lounging, at home; and bras hardly ever again). Basically, the balance is far more positive than negative. Furthermore, their prices are beyond friendly. In conclusion, like I said, a bit of patience and luck is all we need. Now, let them arrive in store. I am curious to try these babies on!

Images via Mini-Saia and Style It Up.


LetsGetPhysical1// OYSHO sports bra and Gymwear Lookbook.

LetsGetPhysical2// My OYSHO new favorite sweater (seen here).

LetsGetPhysical3// OYSHO sweaters and pants, PULL & BEAR (Men’s last season) t-shirt, H&M tank top & my old NIKE trainers (as much as I like the new models I won’t spend a penny on such things until I am sure this strike will last more than 3 months (the longer I’ve managed to stay true to the gym).

LetsGetPhysical4// OYSHO Gymwear Lookbook

I am terribly lazy when it comes to exercise. I hate to work out, or run, or put my ass on a bicycle, … and so on. I used to like team sports such as football (or soccer, if you wish) and volleyball but to practice those nowadays just because isn’t as easy as subscribing a monthly plan at the gym. And so I did, determined to make 2013 the year I’ll become skinnier, fit and healthier – or, to make it short: hot! Eheheh 😛 I’ve been swimming about 2 or 3 times a week, for the past couple of months and I already feel better (it also helped me smoke a lot less) in terms of resistance and even body shape (I feel leaner, but it might be just phycological…) and now I am planning on going to the gym 3x/week. Let’s hope so. I started last week, on wednesday, and went the straight 3 days after (my PT said I had to go 3x/week and so I did!) – by friday I swear to God there wasn’t a single muscle on my body that didn’t ache (I wasn’t even aware I had so many…). But I was happy I didn’t just gave up right away. [ Oh the little victories in life! 😀 ] Tomorrow there’s more. I hope the painful fase ends quickly because I’m not sure my reckless determination will last long… The good part is I can take care of myself and enjoy the view at the same time! 😛

Meanwhile, since I didn’t have much to wear in such circumstances, I had to drag my ass shopping (wich is a bummer because I am trying hard not to buy more stuff) – to OYSHO, that happens to have a gorgeous and affordable gymwear collection. Correction: to OYSHO, that this season has a gorgeous collection!