Yeap. I was thinking about what should I do next with my hair… The thing is being blonde is really harsh on your hair. It got really damaged and weak, so I was thinking about cutting it short again (something like this or this), to get rid of all split ends and overall bad looking locks. However, that in between phase annoys me to death.

And then, suddenly, an e-mail from MANGO drops into my inbox to tease me about their new Premium line for Spring’15. I loved the model’s haircut right away. It’s just perfect and has everything to do with my mood. 😀

All images via

The Lookbook is gorgeous – inspired by the 70’s (as many other collections now in stores) but with a minimalistic approach I love.

And who’s she? She’s Alba Galocha – a spanish model and blogger I’ve just fell in love with (perhaps because of her androgyny I’am still so very fond of). Feel free to check her blog here.

As for the amazing Lookbook, I’m gonna try to find who’s the photography and styling by, cause I just loved it! 🙂 You can check all the pictures (and shop) on MANGO’s website.

As for me, I’m going to wait for the morning so I can make an appointment at my hairdresser and take care of this ASAP! 😉


If there’s a make-up brand I’d say I’m really fond of, it would have to be BENEFIT. Let’s see: First, there’s the packaging – colorful, fun, with an amazing retro vibe; secondly, there’s the whole bubbly/sassy vibe and overall positive feeling the brand inspires; and finally, there’s the simple fact that the products are really good. I’ve tried most of them, probably – I don’t wear that much make-up but I’ve been a fan for years and I also took a free workshop they were having at SEPHORA last month, which gave me the chance to give some things a go.

I can easily count a few BENEFIT favorites on my make-up bag, especially concealers (a perpetually tired looking girl’s best friend – Boi-ing and Erase Paste are among my favorites, along with Double Wear (from Estée Lauder) and All About Eyes (Clinique), since Confessions of a Concealaholic was my first ever decent make-up buy and I still have it. That’s one thing about them, too: they always have these little kits available, with miniatures of their products bound together for specific results. Quite lovely. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll do a ‘Make-Up Favorites’ post for you later, if you like. Yet, today, I want to talk to you about two particular new favorites – the They’re Real! power duo (it’s actually a trio, as you can see in the picture above, if we count in the remover). If you’ve been reading me for at least a year (thank you!), you know I wish I had longer lashes. Remember my extensions? Yeah, turns out that doesn’t work so well for me. I’m not an high maintenance kind of girl and though I tried, I am way too lazy to commit to any kind of torture that comes in form of a routine. Ok, no pain no gain, but in this case, balancing the plates, my full, wide and long lashes didn’t get me much worth of note, so I pass. Plus, who am I kidding?! It doesn’t look exactly natural…

Which means I am always on the hunt for best-mascara-ever! I’ve tried plenty, yet most don’t do exactly what they say (what a surprise…). I’ve realized over time that rubber brushes work best for me – they give away a more natural, fluid look (I like them long and voluminous but I want to be able to open my eyes!…). I found my needs answered in the They’re Real! mascara at last. I’ve heard about it for long but haven’t yet tried. And because a picture is worth a thousand words, they say (and I write too much already) check the results bellow.

It’s not over the top neither insignificant – it’s just enough to widen the eye open and give it more expression. Plus, it lasts all day and works perfectly (for me at least) with just one swipe. So, yes, it became an instant favorite, worthy of my love and loyalty until death tears us apart (or something better). Also pretty damn great is their new eyeliner, from the same line – pitch black, gel texture, with an easy applicator and extra-long lasting (Really! I bought the remover because it doesn’t stray away easily with anything). I’ve been using it regularly and am in love with it. Highly recommended! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! xx

First off, I’m sorry for my sudden disappearance. I’m still alive and in good health and mood, thank you. 🙂 Actually I’d have to blame WordPress for making this absence longer, because prior to my departure to Paris (you might have noticed I was there through my Instagram), I had 3 posts ready to publish – THREE!! – and Worpress just ‘puff!’ made them disappear, when I was so proud of my blogger manners…

Anyway, we’ll get back on track soon. The last weeks have been a bit hectic with a sudden new job, classes, friends and a general effort to get my life back on track – you can’t imagine how much I love to curse days for being only 24h long! – so I haven’t been able to prepare anything to update the blog. I have plenty of stuff in line, though. Stay tunned! 😉

Last Friday night, me and my friend F. were talking about boys (like all girls do), and I was telling her how handsome french men are, till we reach the conclusion that Christmas is the most lovely time of the year for many reasons but also to watch TV (odd course of thoughts, I know). Why? Because the loooong breaks between any show are filled with fragrance commercials, with gorgeous men and women for us to droll over. Futile approach? Definitely, but who doesn’t love beautiful things?!

Yet, I don’t watch TV. So, to be quite honest, I don’t really indulge in those fragrance crushes that much, though I love them like I told you before in here. I’d rather immerse myself in the pages of my worst addiction – magazines. And as I was reading MIXT(E), I came across a note on Chlóe‘s new fragrance Love Story, I flirted with at the airport Duty-Free shop yet decided to resist to…

Guess what? Clémence Poésy is the face of the new fragrance. Poésy, one of my biggest girl crushes (I’m not only fond of french men, I am also a big fan of french women)!! How can I resist this?? Not to mention I am already sold to Chlóe anyway… (I wear Love, Chloé Eau Florale). However, I really do need a new bottle anyway, so this might’ve just become a powerful argument… (Damn, I am so easy!)

Besides Clémence, the commercial was directed by the also very lovely Mélanie Laurent, and is super sweet, sexy and fun. Poésy impersonates that dangerous type of woman I just love (and probably of lot of man and women do too): youthful, fun, open, sexy and innocent at the same time, graceful with a hint of mystery, and full of that carefree vibe…

Feel free to check the video bellow and inspired by the music of the also wonderful Vanessa Paradis (I’m still mad at Johnny Depp for leaving her – and I adore Johnny Depp) fall in love, just like I did.

P.S.: Who wouldn’t love to start a love story like this?? Oh, l’amour… 😉

// All images via Pinterest.

I was never one to go really crazy when it comes to hairstyles. I am a discrete person in general and to be fair I hate any change that looks like it’s going to be an handful of work. I like to sleep until the last minute, get up, shower, dress by instinct, put my face on quickly and naturally and do my hair the easiest way possible. I am a low maintenance girl and I like it. Being put together is important for me but I find it a waste of time taking too long to do it. This way, I never went that far beyond in my looks, neither with color, let alone in cuts…
Until last year, when I decided to chop off all my hair into a pixie cut. I loved it, however, that in-between process of letting it grow was a pain in the ass. Now that it has finally grew back to the length and cut I wished for, I am building up the idea of doing something more rad and edgy again. How? Going Platinum Blonde. Yes – it’s minimal, it’s stylish and it’s (so much) different than what I am used to. Do I see you raising your brow? Let me tell that’s the usual response. Discretion will probably easily fly out the window, but still, the more days go by, the more I love the idea (even if all my life I said I’d never turn blonde). Plus, let’s see… if blondes really do have more fun! 😉

Never in my life I was called beautiful so many times as in the past months. Really. I don’t know what shifted from the past – I’m not fishing for compliments here, let me set that straight, because I’m aware I’m not ugly, per se, but I was also always pretty conscious that I am nothing above average – I was always the funny & nice girl of the group, who talks too much and too loud and can’t live without sarcasm, and I am comfortable in that role. Now, apparently, I grew up and sport easily a certain poise and grace (I’m not really aware of but it’s really good to know). Truth be told, I take it a bit offensively to be called ‘pretty’, especially from men, especially when that’s too emphasized, too many times. Beauty is fleeting and relative and I don’t want people to like me, approach me or favor me because I’m pretty or sexy. Yes, I like to feel and be found beautiful – who doesn’t?! I won’t be an hypocrite about it – but I don’t like to hear it all the time or get special treatment for it. It’s annoying, diminishing and makes me feel like a decor piece.

Beauty is a rather complex concept that always had me wonder – what does make a person beautiful? And why does it have such an huge impact on us? Why is looking good of such value when it’s something fundamentally out of our control?! Everyone likes a pretty girl, but a pretty girl for me might not be the same thing as a pretty girl for you. As well as with men: what makes a man attractive? I was never very fond of ‘the hunk’ – the hunk is a sight for sore eyes, but it’s pretty much that, most of the times. And for landscaping appreciation I’d rather travel and see the world.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say, and even though we’re programmed by advertising, pop culture, society, etc, to insert ourselves in certain parameters of beauty, I still believe that true beauty lies way beneath and has much more to do with the raw and real than with the fantasy created by an industry (and you’re reading this from a true Fashion lover who wants to someday too be a part of that industry). For me, a woman is beautiful when she’s authentic, open, smart, strong, funny, witty, slightly innocent but graceful and true to herself and others. Sexiness comes after, from confidence. This is the kind of women I value, admire and aspire to be. The rest is genetics and cosmetics – the first a matter of luck, the second a matter of balance.


You know what’s really, powerfully sexy? A sense of humor. A taste for adventure. A healthy glow. Hips to grab on to. Openness. Confidence. Humility. Appetite. Intuition. … Smart-ass comebacks. Presence. A quick wit. Dirty jokes told by an innocent-looking lady. … A storyteller. A genius. A doctor. A new mother.
A woman who realizes how beautiful she is.

– Courtney E Martin (via That Kind of Woman)


So, it was with great delight that I watched this Cameron Russell (27, American, Model) TED Talk D. (who’s quite addicted to TED Talks and I should follow) recommended me. I’ve got to confess I didn’t know her very well, before. I’ve seen her in plenty of adds and magazines of course, but I didn’t know her story. Turns out she’s beauty + lots of brains + strong values, therefor a new found icon of mine. Easy. 😉

And now, the said TED Talk (among the 20 most popular):


Thoughts? 🙂


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So, here are the results of my latest visit to the saloon. You’re disappointed probably, but I’m the classy and timeless type. Anything too, well… creative, gets me bored pretty quickly, so I opted for the most natural look possible and then decided to accept Alice’s suggestion to apply these little silver studs, that I am not yet sure of. But as for the rest, it’s exactly what I wanted. I feel like a lady, they’re always perfect and work with anything. Good enough for me. 🙂


In a far away past, I used to have very strong nails, the unbreakable and unshakable kind. Then, I entered teen land and started to ruin pretty much everything my mom raised me as: first by eating loads of crap, just because others did it and then drowning in the worst mistake of my life – crazy diets that ended up in Anorexia and then Bulimia. It didn’t went too far luckily, but it went far enough to ruin my hair, my nails, my teeth, my immune system, my metabolism and who knows what else. That being said, it has been years since I had any kind of pride in my poor nails.

Here in Angola, though, women are very very devoted to their looks – hair and nails in particular. Pretty much every woman displays an immaculate manicure at all times. I was intrigued… So I inquired one of my friends here about prices, maintenance, durability and all that stuff, and on my birthday decided to pay myself a treat. After 50 bucks and 2h (!!!!) on the hands of an Asian girl I didn’t understand very well but decided to trust in (…), I could finally proudly display my gorgeous and strong porcelain nails and absolutely feminine hands (in classic red, so it would go with anything). I believe I even made some of my girls jealous! 😀 😉

Now, 2 weeks later, even though they still look amazing (they do!!), it’s time to go for that maintenance appointment. By now I feel like I have claws because my nails grow very fast and this here, for me, is ginormous! I’m hoping it doesn’t take 2 hours again to take care of it, though… But I definitely don’t regret it one bit. So, for the next do, I went looking for some inspiration, you know, to try something more rad, now that I know it works. I particularly fancy the 1st image and the pink do with metallic tips. Classy but also very cool.

Let’s see what I’ll come up with. I promise to show it off in here. 🙂

All images via Pinterest.