Female Handbags & Black Holes


Much like every other woman, I like big handbags and I cannot lie. I also feel like the content of such big part of a girl’s life may say a lot about her (ask any guy and he’ll at least tell you for sure how a woman’s bag usually translates to him: confusion).

Anyway, like I said before (this is an update to this post), there’s a little voyeur in everyone of us – I pledged myself guilty as charged! Due to this shameful tendency, I always find it curious to peak into other people’s houses, bedrooms, closets, make-up bags and yes, you guessed it, handbags. (Craaaazyyy!!)

Call this giving back if you will, but I believe in transparency (and even if the tone of this whole post is in mockery here I’m being very honest), and so, here’s my portable treasure and survival kit wide open for you to see!

So, what do I carry with me always? Let’s see:
1) Ever since I bought this H&M Leather bag I have barely let go of it. It holds everything that I need on a daily basis. And even my laptop at times. The best part: it’s always in good shape!
2) Even though some people don’t believe it, I really need my GUCCI specs or life is way blurrier than it already is. I prefer to keep things clear whenever I can. Funny fact about these glasses is that apparently they’re my secret weapon to catch most guys attention (damn it, I should probably not be spilling this kind of information here…)! Had I lived for that and I could say it was the best investment I have ever made!
3) ZARA HOME Notebook… big or small, I always carry a notebook – I mean al-ways. Which means I have several, most of them incomplete, with multiple more or less important information distributed among them… Not very smart, I know, but better than wasting a perfectly witty thought, revealing epiphany or rather pertinent list.
4) A book – here still Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (I took this picture back in late December – yes, my posts are super delayed!) – is always a good company for dull moments or solitary escapes. I don’t have those that much anymore [I have to drive to work and though women are good at multitasking, reading and driving (just as drinking and driving) don’t combine very well].
5) I’m an old school kind of gal in many things. A paper agenda is just one of them. I swear I tried Google Calendar and all those digital variations, but they just don’t work for me. I like the pleasure of writing things down, making notes, cross and check things; open the damn thing and see a mess of words scribbled down is just my thing. Plus, I can keep it for the years to come (I still keep my journals from high school, why wouldn’t I keep these? This one is from Moleskine, with 18 months, but the one I am using now is this one by MARK’s, a japanese brand, I bought in Paris and am now an absolute fan of!
6) Well, keys are an obvious belonging in any bag of anyone who isn’t homeless, I believe… I actually have to buy myself a new keychain… I saw this one on ASOS yesterday and I liked it. I’ll see if it grows one me.
7) I don’t carry this one anymore, but while I was in Angola I was so used to carry my passport and vaccination bulletin I felt I needed a proper wallet for that. This textured leather one is from UTERQUE and I love it.
8) For someone who carries a Notebook at all times and refuses to give into technology to organize my days, a pen (or multiple) are essential. It’s rather predictable that I, as any other pseudo-fancy girl, love my silver and gold BIC pens. No brainer.
9) Elastic hairbands (these are from H&M) are a prime necessity to every girl with medium to long hair, I believe (I miss my careless short hair days). Again, this picture was taken back in December, when I was still blonde, hence the color. I usually prefer them close to my hair color – more discreet. Yet, I recently found these silicone ones on CLAIRE’s that don’t move a millimeter from day to night and I’m becoming a big fan! Too bad I could only find them in black, but still, good find.
10) I am the worst person with cellphones. I’ve lost count of how many I broke or lost, somehow (in my defense, at least two of them were stolen). This is why I promised myself I wouldn’t ever buy an iPhone until I was a responsible adult, capable of carrying the same phone for a reasonable amount of time (like 2 years at least, maybe?). This is my beloved BQ Aquaris 5FHD, I bought back in October and am still very happy with. One of the best buys of my life! Yes, it’s almost the size of a tablet, but what can I say… I like them big!
11) My lovely, small, timeless, leather UTERQUE wallet. Unlike most women I know, I don’t like big wallets. Why? Because I’d fill them, and it would certainly not be with money. So, when I first set my eyes on this, I knew she had to be mine… [ Oh dear! Such a primal, romantic instant! I have to let go of these very masculine conqueror urges I have… They’re probably one the 3.456 reasons why I am still single! ] Anyway, we’ve been together ever since, and we’re still very much in love.
12 – 13) And finally, my survival kit: my orange fluorescent BENSIMON pouch that holds pretty much all those little things that probably wouldn’t save you in a desert island, but sure take you (me) throughout the days – you know: hand cream (CAUDALIE), lip balm (CARMEX), mascara (BENEFIT), concealer (CLINIQUE), lipstick (this one is from THE BODY SHOP, but any will do depending on my mood). Oh, there’s also those things we don’t show on camera but we all know they exist, like tampons, tissues, condoms (in case I bump into Mr. Big, myself), pills, lighter, bobby pins and stuff like that. I also wanted to carry a swiss knife and pepper spray, but apparently those are both forbidden. Thankfully I’ve only been mugged once – shortly after moving to Luanda last year – so, let’s keep up my good vibes – and education – in order to keep that number low, very equally low.

So – wow – this is it! See how all that stuffing says a lot about its owner?
Crazy, I know. Tatiana, here. Pleased to meet you! 😉

And you – tell me! – what do you have to carry with you at all times?*

*Note that in a smaller bags I don’t carry all this stuff (though I struggle). Of course it would be awesome if those guys from Dragon Ball spilled the secrets on that Capsule Corp. idea, but if I had to choose something to apply it first, I’d definitely give up parking. Yeap… How I envy you, Bulma!


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