Last of 2014

Ph. Joanna Lynn
I’m wearing: Vintage blazer (it was my dad’s – last seen here), MANGO cardigan (worn backwards), ZARA pants, H&M bag, STRADIVARIUS (very old) pumps and PARFOIS hat.

Probably the last outfit pictures of 2014 (no, I also have a few more I took with Nuno in Aveiro yet to post – coming up!), I forgot I asked my sister to take them right before we head to my Grandma’s house for family lunch on Christmas day… Some people buy new clothes for Christmas and New Year’s Eve… I, in these particular times specially, on the other hand, prefer to rely on the oldies I love and know to work. Because in none of the celebrations the focus is on what should I wear (though New Year’s Eve always has me rambling on a few styling options). When you have a closet full of stuff, you don’t need to buy anything else – no you don’t. To take that chance is just and excuse to overspend and add a few more ‘things’ to a pile already too big.

Which leads us to the funny thing about this look I want to share with you: I was obsessed with a pair of burgundy heels (I get these fevers at times… I’ve been also obsessed with ‘the’ camel coat, but I think I’m going to leave that hunt for next Fall…), even thought I couldn’t find a pair I’d feel as perfect (on my budget). Then, amidst of a closet decluttering session at my parents (something I do quite often and find rather therapeutic) I found these pumps I forgot I had! No, they’re not perfect – perfect would be these Gianvito Rossi – but they are better than none.

LESSON LEARNED: Before you hit the mall for yet another reckless buy, drop your bag, take off your shoes, turn around and open your closet. Dive in! Chances are you’ll probably find an handful of gems you didn’t even remember you had. 😉

Trust me. Been there, done that.
(Several times…)


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