‘The’ Jacket

Ph. Nuno Calisto (edited by me)
I’m wearing: ZARA bomber jacket (from last year’s collection) and cashmere jumper (now on sale), MANGO jeans (very very old); Hat and Moonstone ring bought in Paris; other rings from CHIADO FACTORY; CK City Watch and ANARTXY bracelet. 

As I’ve probably mentioned here before plenty of times already, I have a thing for jackets… It’s my favorite piece of clothing and it’s fair to say I have a modest but expressive collection. In the heat of destroying one of my favorites this past New Year’s Eve (imagine me sobbing because I’m not far from it) I remembered I was yet to post these pictures I took with Nuno a few weeks ago.

This is my favorite jacket of all… Yet, I almost never wear it cause I’m always afraid I’m going to damage it. You can read the story behind this buy here and here (hint: it has something to do with Ryan Gosling and one of my favorite movies – Drive). I still think it is really really close to look like something only a pimp would wear, but I like the idea of walking on that thin line here… 😉


Happy Friday!
Enjoy your first weekend of 2015! 🙂


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