LacLeman_Montreux_SwitzerlandSorry about that… Yeah, over the past months I slacked off a lot in terms of blogging. If it wasn’t for my Instagram you could pretty much assume I was dead. I wasn’t. But it’s a pity days are only 24h long.

Time… It’s funny how day-by-day everything feels the same, but when we look back all’s different. Over the last 12 months my life changed enormously. From those 12, it’s been almost 9 since I left Angola. You’ve accompanied some of my ‘adventures’ there, but, when getting back I didn’t say much about it. “Why?”, you might wonder. Because I felt that loss as such a failure I couldn’t deal with it right away. I see now it wasn’t any kind of failure, quite the contrary. But it took me some time to realize it. It took me a while to understand how all that struggle made me a better person. How over time, I healed my wounds and feel now stronger (even wiser, maybe?) than ever before.

I’m not one to complain much. Never was. I’m the ‘suck it and let’s do this’ type. We all take validation from different things in life. I take it from being able to do things on my own. The why isn’t important, but I learned to live with it over the years. For me, being strong and independent while going after things that challenge me are things that make me more proud of myself. They come with downsides, but they are definitely a key part of who I am. I’m also a bit of a control freak. I like to be in charge of my life, so it bothers me tremendously when that does not happen. I feel trapped and impotent and kinda loose sight of myself. That’s what happened over time while I was in Angola, due to a set of reasons now irrelevant. I got stuck. And as I know my limits (and believe me, I’ve pushed them) I decided to leave and start over. So I came back, defeated. It was a Saturday. For a day and a half I cried in the dark in my room. On Monday, I stopped it and began again.

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Yeap. I was thinking about what should I do next with my hair… The thing is being blonde is really harsh on your hair. It got really damaged and weak, so I was thinking about cutting it short again (something like this or this), to get rid of all split ends and overall bad looking locks. However, that in between phase annoys me to death.

And then, suddenly, an e-mail from MANGO drops into my inbox to tease me about their new Premium line for Spring’15. I loved the model’s haircut right away. It’s just perfect and has everything to do with my mood. 😀

All images via

The Lookbook is gorgeous – inspired by the 70’s (as many other collections now in stores) but with a minimalistic approach I love.

And who’s she? She’s Alba Galocha – a spanish model and blogger I’ve just fell in love with (perhaps because of her androgyny I’am still so very fond of). Feel free to check her blog here.

As for the amazing Lookbook, I’m gonna try to find who’s the photography and styling by, cause I just loved it! 🙂 You can check all the pictures (and shop) on MANGO’s website.

As for me, I’m going to wait for the morning so I can make an appointment at my hairdresser and take care of this ASAP! 😉


Much like every other woman, I like big handbags and I cannot lie. I also feel like the content of such big part of a girl’s life may say a lot about her (ask any guy and he’ll at least tell you for sure how a woman’s bag usually translates to him: confusion).

Anyway, like I said before (this is an update to this post), there’s a little voyeur in everyone of us – I pledged myself guilty as charged! Due to this shameful tendency, I always find it curious to peak into other people’s houses, bedrooms, closets, make-up bags and yes, you guessed it, handbags. (Craaaazyyy!!)

Call this giving back if you will, but I believe in transparency (and even if the tone of this whole post is in mockery here I’m being very honest), and so, here’s my portable treasure and survival kit wide open for you to see!

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Ph. Ana Marta Sequeira (edited by me)
I’m wearing: Vintage blazer, ZARA pants (bought on sale) and bag, MANGO silk button down, H&M mohair jumper (bought on sale), CRAIE sneakers, NIKIBI necklace. Rings from ACCESSORIZE, COS and GOLD VELVET.

CasualSunday2 CasualSunday3

I don’t know if it’s because I promised myself 2015 would be the best year of my life (yet), or perhaps because I am finally getting back on track with my life, lately I’ve been very devoted to my weekends (you’ve probably already noticed that through my Instagram).

I work my ass off during the week – between a 9-to-6 job, freelance work, classes and trying to launch my own project (I’m not even mentioning the blog here…), spare time is a very rare thing to have (and yet I am always behind on things!), so when Friday night comes I just switch off my semi-workhalic mode and try to relax and unwind. And it’s funny because even if I try to oppose to this by getting some work done it just doesn’t work, my body or mind just won’t let me focus somehow! This feeling, a few months ago, would be a tragedy causing me a terrible anxiety attack or something like that. Nowadays, as I’m learning that amazing thing that is ‘going with the flow’, I decided to get rid of my whiplash and instead, bring out all my good vibes to face life with a big smile. Turns out that’s half way to an happy life! Ah! Who’d knew? 😉

Amongst flee-market hoping with my friend Marta, lovely brunches and lunches, drinks by night, hang outs by day, playing tourist, or escape a little to unknown must-see places nearby (preferably by the sea), my weekends in Lisbon have been quite rewarding and joyful. Lisbon has this particular ability to make me feel joyful. When I look around there’s so much beauty and charm and there’s always something nice to do, see, try, know. Always. Alone or with company. Always. I even find it pleasant – I actually love it – to get lost! (Every-single-f***in’-day)

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I realized this is probably where I belong (if one has to belong somewhere). I never felt at home in my hometown, quite the contrary – I always felt misplaced, misunderstood, like I was a big weirdo who couldn’t fit in (and I was). Of course I visit often, and there are good things, but mostly those visits only have my family and friends as motivation.

I can’t say, though, I don’t feel like an outsider at all in Lisbon – I do: I’m still a country girl, with an heavy northern accent (sometimes) and a funny way of expressing myself, but as time goes by I care less and less about whatever that means and makes me. I’m proud of the person I’ve become and those things are only part of my natural charm! 🙂

[ That and flats – sneakers preferably (these particularly) – ’cause I can’t imagine an happy sunday in a pair of gorgeous but torturing heels. No can do. ]

Ph. Nuno Calisto (edited by me)

I’m wearing: ZARA cape, cashmere jumper and boyfriend jeans; MANGO scarf; H&M bag.



These pictures were took in Aveiro (a city so close to my hometown that yet I barely know, but definitely have to take some time off to explore), back in early December, when I was still very blonde… Yes, I changed back to my old self, as you’ve probably noticed on my Instagram, but I have to confess I kinda already miss my corn colored locks.

Anyway… This outfit features two of my best buys of 2014 (3 actually, but you can’t see my REPETTO ballerinas in any of the pictures): the grey cashmere jumper and the black leather bag. The jumper is my favorite thing to wear any day of the week – I could live in it (really, I am a sucker for anything grey and it is super soft and warm – well, it’s cashmere, after all…) and the bag holds pretty much my entire world in there (more on that on the next post 😉 ) – even my computer every other day of the week. And it still looks as good as new (I can’t say the same for the jumper though as it already shows some pilling bellow the arms). This to say what – it definitely pays off to spend a little more on something better: it’s lasts longer, it looks better, it feels better.

Morals of the story (by the unique and amazing Vivienne Westwood):

Ph. Joanna Lynn
I’m wearing: Vintage blazer (it was my dad’s – last seen here), MANGO cardigan (worn backwards), ZARA pants, H&M bag, STRADIVARIUS (very old) pumps and PARFOIS hat.

Probably the last outfit pictures of 2014 (no, I also have a few more I took with Nuno in Aveiro yet to post – coming up!), I forgot I asked my sister to take them right before we head to my Grandma’s house for family lunch on Christmas day… Some people buy new clothes for Christmas and New Year’s Eve… I, in these particular times specially, on the other hand, prefer to rely on the oldies I love and know to work. Because in none of the celebrations the focus is on what should I wear (though New Year’s Eve always has me rambling on a few styling options). When you have a closet full of stuff, you don’t need to buy anything else – no you don’t. To take that chance is just and excuse to overspend and add a few more ‘things’ to a pile already too big.

Which leads us to the funny thing about this look I want to share with you: I was obsessed with a pair of burgundy heels (I get these fevers at times… I’ve been also obsessed with ‘the’ camel coat, but I think I’m going to leave that hunt for next Fall…), even thought I couldn’t find a pair I’d feel as perfect (on my budget). Then, amidst of a closet decluttering session at my parents (something I do quite often and find rather therapeutic) I found these pumps I forgot I had! No, they’re not perfect – perfect would be these Gianvito Rossi – but they are better than none.

LESSON LEARNED: Before you hit the mall for yet another reckless buy, drop your bag, take off your shoes, turn around and open your closet. Dive in! Chances are you’ll probably find an handful of gems you didn’t even remember you had. 😉

Trust me. Been there, done that.
(Several times…)

Ph. Nuno Calisto (edited by me)
I’m wearing: ZARA bomber jacket (from last year’s collection) and cashmere jumper (now on sale), MANGO jeans (very very old); Hat and Moonstone ring bought in Paris; other rings from CHIADO FACTORY; CK City Watch and ANARTXY bracelet. 

As I’ve probably mentioned here before plenty of times already, I have a thing for jackets… It’s my favorite piece of clothing and it’s fair to say I have a modest but expressive collection. In the heat of destroying one of my favorites this past New Year’s Eve (imagine me sobbing because I’m not far from it) I remembered I was yet to post these pictures I took with Nuno a few weeks ago.

This is my favorite jacket of all… Yet, I almost never wear it cause I’m always afraid I’m going to damage it. You can read the story behind this buy here and here (hint: it has something to do with Ryan Gosling and one of my favorite movies – Drive). I still think it is really really close to look like something only a pimp would wear, but I like the idea of walking on that thin line here… 😉


Happy Friday!
Enjoy your first weekend of 2015! 🙂